Winter special offer from chef Ivan Honin

Winter special offer from chef Ivan Honin
12 December 2023

Each dish on the seasonal menu will plunge you into a winter fairy tale, and the atmosphere of the FOUR restaurant will give you a feeling of comfort and pleasant memories.

- Salad with pumpkin, scallop and ginger 'snow'
- Salad with roast beef and pomegranate
- Salad with smoked white tuna and tangerine sorbet
- Catfish brooch with quince and green sauce
- Sesame camembert with lingonberry jam and dried persimmon
- Duck breast tataki with sweet potatoes (in two textures), kumquat and "broken" honey caramel
- Lamb tongue in hot kvass sauce with buckwheat porridge and porcini mushroom velute
- Black halibut with spinach and persimmon gel
- Nut candy with pickled tangerines, sour cream mousse and boiled condensed milk with fir oil

In addition, we have a special seasonal offer of drinks:

- Bourbon in Russian
- Red Square
- Aniseed Citrus Punch
- Raspberry Gin
- Ginger-lemon tea

Meet the winter with the FOUR restaurant!


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