We invite you to the tour "Romantic Vyatka"

We invite you to the tour "Romantic Vyatka"
03 February 2021

When, if not in February, to go on an excursion and listen to the love stories of people who walked along the same streets dozens or even hundreds of years ago?

During the route you will learn about the romantic stories of Vyatka exiles and natives of Vyatka. Usually, they speak about this or that historical character in the language of facts and biographies, but in fact, they are also interested in their personal stories, novels and emotional experiences.

Alexander Herzen fell in love in Vyatka, Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin found his bride here, Serbian Princess Elena Petrovna and Grand Duke John Konstantinovich Romanov languished in forced exile - our guides have stories for every taste.

Duration is 2 hours.

Ordering services by phone:+7 (8332) 744-700 or e-mail: info.kirov@5eh.ru

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Photo by Galina Novinskaya