Ivan Honin at the Battle of the Chiefs

Ivan Honin at the Battle of the Chiefs
18 December 2023
The chef of the FOUR restaurant, Ivan Honin, decided to test his strength and skills in the culinary program "Battle of the Chefs". This is a TV show where experienced and talented chefs compete with each other, demonstrating their skills in the kitchen and trying to win the hearts of the jury and the audience.

Relatives and friends, employees and colleagues of our beloved chef, as well as guests of the restaurant and hotel watched and cheered for Ivan live on the Friday TV channel.

Ivan reached the final of the show, but the jury represented by Konstantin Ivlev and Renat Agzamov awarded the victory to the actor from the TV series "Cadetship". Despite this, after graduation, many guests called and wrote to the boss on social networks that he was the only worthy winner! Thank the boss!

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