International Exhibition and Forum "Russia" at VDNH

International Exhibition and Forum "Russia" at VDNH
06 March 2024
Within the framework of the international exhibition-forum "Russia", a new pavilion was opened in Moscow at VDNH - the House of Russian Cuisine

FOUR Restaurant and Elements Kirov Hotel 5* represented their region as part of the delegation from the Kirov region  
FOUR Restaurant chef Ivan Khonin presented chicken liver pate with garden cherries in a glaze of beetroot juice on a "pillow" of rye bread and boiled beef with turnip parenka and mousse of sour cream, cream and horseradish.
Visitors of the exhibition, who became tasters at the same time, highly appreciated the taste and quality of this dish! 

On their return, the forum participants were awarded diplomas by the Governor of the Kirov region - Sokolov Alexander Valentinovich, thanking them for their contribution to the development of the region and local Vyatka cuisine!

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